Mooch Marod

PARATHA, it’s one dish which is irresistible. I always loved and enjoyed Parathas especially Aloo paratha. It’s just mouthwatering. And over the years, the fond for it increased multi-fold which led me to taste many varieties of paratha’s across many places but wasn’t getting the authentic taste of it. Adding to it, I used to see many posts on Instagram where people used to put this very big paratha and tagging their friends to enjoy the delicacy. To my dejection, I never found a place in Bengaluru where they served such a huge paratha.  But then, God heard my prayer :-P. I don’t remember the post (in Facebook) in which they mentioned about “Mooch Marod” serving authentic paratha’s and in very big sizes. Being a food lover, I was eagerly looking forward to visiting the place.

It was Sunday, 4th April afternoon and it is time off from the home kitchen. My wife suggested going to visit the place. It is located in Channasandra, Whitefield which is 30 minutes drive from my home. When we reached the place, it was pretty sunny and empty. One of the things which we intrigued us was that there were 2 shops opposite each other (of the same name). We were confused and asked the guy who was handling the finances, he then informed that one serves only veg parantha and other serves only non-veg. Both the shops are small but they have good space outside for people to sit on cots (Khatiya) which gives authentic desi feeling.

The menu is simple with the only couple of things (Paratha & Lassi) of which they are expert of. When enquired, the stuff required for parathas is complete and they require at least an hour to prepare the material and additional time for cooking. When we requested again, he asked us which paratha we need (we ordered queen Aloo Onion paratha which was of size 20-inch weighted around 2 kg) so that he will try to check and get it for us but it would take 20 mins minimum, to which we agreed. We were hungry like hell and couldn’t control more, which made us order a 2 lassi which came in a big steel glass (easily of 750ml).

When the paratha eventually came, we were flabbergasted its size and the amount of butter given with it along with raita. Butter chunk was given in another plate which was easily 250gms in weight. The taste was just pure homemade with the paratha cooked evenly and no sides of it were left raw. We tried our best to finish but could complete only 60% of it and they were courteous enough to pack the rest to home. When we paid the bill, we were satisfied with our core and loved the hospitality they have given. One other thing which I observed while paying the bill is the amount of respect they had for Military men. They had a special discount of 15% for them.

It’s a must try for anyone who wants to get the desi feel of authentic Punjab style parathas and lassi. With a group of 6-8 friends, you could have a enjoy deliciously emperor size paranthas (of size 24 inches) and a bucket full of lassi :-).




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