Jog Falls, Shivamogga

It’s been in my wishlist from a very very long time to visit JOG FALLS but wasn’t able to due to one or the other reasons. I have seen people posting mesmerizing photos & videos of the waterfalls covered in the fog and the milky white water in the background, it was just breathtaking to see. Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India falling from a height of around 253 meters (after Nohkalikai falls, Cherrapunji). There are 4 cascades which known as Raja, Rani, Rover, and Rocket. Each cascade has its own significance: Raja, plunging in one sheer column but it meets Roarer half way who creates a lot of noise. Rocket is ideally named as it shoots down from the mountains but it is Rani, who looks elegant in her white coat of foam.

It was rainy season and yet again we planned to visit Jog falls but wasn’t able to schedule it. That’s when one of our close friends informed about their house inauguration at Shivamogga. The function was on Sunday, so we planned to leave Bengaluru by Friday night and reach by Saturday early morning via train to Shivamogga. The stay (at Royal Orchid) was booked by them for two days. The plan wasn’t final whether to visit the falls or not because of heavy floods (in and around Kodagu district) even after we boarded the train at night from Yeshwantpur railway station.

We reached on Saturday early morning and took an auto to the hotel. After a quick nap, we quickly got ready and had our breakfast at the hotel and booked a cab for Jog falls and surrounding places for Rs. 1700. It was around 11.30 when we started from the hotel and first place of visit was Agoreshwara Temple, Ikkeri. A guide was explaining the sculptures and history of the place to a group which we joined to understand its importance in the past. After spending an hour, we started our journey to Jog Falls.

The only frame where we saw 2 cascades

It was raining all the time and by the time we reached Jog, it was fog all around. We could hear the sounds of the water hitting the rocks on the bottom but the amount of fog made it invisible to see any of those. Also, the steps to travel down to the bottom of the waterfall was closed due to safety reasons. We joined the crowd waiting for the waterfall to be visible. Every time, the fog was getting cleared (and the waterfall was just about to see), people started shouting in excitement. We waited there for more than an hour to catch a glimpse of the waterfalls in whole but like many others, were disappointed as we could only see a couple of cascades for a glimpse of seconds. With a heavy heart, we took the decision of returning back and promised to come back to see the full glory of it. We had our lunch at the Mayura Gerusoppa operated by KSTDC at Jog falls. The price was bit high and quality was not that great. From there, we visited one more place and were back to Shivamogga by 7.30 PM.

Even though we visited the place but it didn’t fulfill the desire and was left half-hearted (especially for myself as it’s was my first visit to the much-awaited place and I wasn’t able to see its full glory). Will be definitely coming back to see, feel and experience its natural beauty soon.

Getting There:

  • By Train – One can get down at Shivamogga (for better hotels) or Talaguppa (last stop which is 15 KMs away from Jog falls) when traveling from Bangalore. Overnight intercity express is the most convenient train to reach Bangalore. From Talaguppa one can hire autorickshaw or shared jeeps to visit Jog falls.
  • By Bus – There are direct buses to Jog falls from Bangalore. Jog fall is also well connected by all buses which ply on Bangalore – Honnavar highway.
  • By Road – The road condition from Bangalore is excellent. It is at a distance of 375 KMs from Bangalore. So is the other road from Honnavar.

Travel Tips:

  • The best time to visit the falls are the monsoon months of July – August.
  • A weekend gateway to Jog should be sufficient (i.e relaxed and not straining yourselves).
  • One need not worry about parking as there is enough parking space created by KSTDC.
  • Even though there is steel fencing done, many people try to get on it or climb on slippery rocks which resulted in many deaths. So kindly be careful especially in the rainy season due to moist and fungus.
  • One can stay in Shivmogga or search homestays around Jog falls, which would embark you on exploring other nearby places and enjoy its calm, serenity and landscape beauty.
  • There is a KSTDC hotel which is not great but good enough in case your hungry. Also, toilet facilities are well taken care of.
  • If one is traveling by road, you could enjoy the views, landscapes, historical places etc en route to the falls. Make sure, you guys plan it well.

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