Rhine river, Dusseldorf

It’s been a week now in Dusseldorf and one view which I used to see every day en route to the office is Rhine river. The lush green blanket (of grass) spread across both sides of the river covered with fog in the morning and various shades of the sky in the evening. It was more pleasant in the evening as people strolling around, running, families relaxed and enjoying their time with kids etc., a wonderful sight to view every day (from the Theodor-Heuss Brucke bridge). It was then I decided, it would be my first place to visit in Dusseldorf.

It was Sunday evening when I & my friend made then plan to visit the place. It’s a 15-20 minutes walk to the place where I lived. As it was Sunday, not many people were seen outside. Sun was setting down when we reached the place (Rheinpark Golzheim) and the sky was showcasing its different shades. The moment was very calm with a small breeze going passing through my ears making a huss noise, eye stretching trying to capture the frame, lights from the bridge and the nearby buildings making it look even more better. Amidst of all that, planes/rockets flying in the sky leaving its traces behind making it look like a scribble pad. We stayed watching that view for 5-10 minutes and started walking towards Dusseldorf eye. After walking for a while, we grabbed an ice cream and settled on one of the benches, staring at the view and people who busy in their lives. We talked a bit and started our way back to the home.

As we walked back, it felt good & relaxed that I visited the place and was able to spend some quality me-time. Definitely, a must visit place either in the morning or evening.


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