About Me

This blog is about various moments, phases, experiences and events which were taken place in my life, hence the name “Journey”.


How should I describe myself? I’m a simple person with average looks who is kind of introvert. But when it comes to attitude, I have enough to show it off which makes people have their own perception about me but dude, who cares!! One thing which upsets me more and more are the people who act overconfident and misuse me/others for their work and neglect when their work gets done. One of the most important things I have learnt from my life experience is not to underestimate anyone (will blog in detail)  at any situation.

As most of you, I’m also a firm believer of GOD. I am optimistic and moody (Gemini by sun sign). I try being positive most of times but negative part overshadows it sometimes. I forgive people soon, as I feel life is too short and have no time to keep on proving others as wrong. I believe that people won’t understand the importance of the other person until that person goes away from you.

And one thing I have know about myself (hands down) is I always keep it to myself and doesn’t show off about myself. I’m a book worm and try to gulp up whenever I get time. One of my other hobby is to do photography. Apart from those, I like to travel, visit places, know various cultures etc.

One last thing which I always want to tell all those people is “Please be Original”. Be how you are and never try to act as someone they are already taken. Be proud of who you are and try to be yourself in most of the times.

By the way, I haven’t told you my name, its AVINASH PATEL (a.k.a Avin or Avi). I’m basically from Bidar (in Karnataka) but brought up completely in HYDERABAD. Presently working as Software Quality Test Engineer at GE Digital, Bengaluru.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Avi, I am interested in knowing some more details about the Trek to DhudhSagar. Would be helpful if you could give me your mail-ID where I can reach out directly.

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