Off to Sakleshpur, again!

Its been over 2 years that I parted my ways with Software AG but remained friends with many of my colleagues (even till today). We had one group of ourselves consisting of 7-8 people who used to go together for breakfast, lunch, tea break. It was such a fun hanging out with them and we use to discuss many things: from office gossip to share market conditions especially at Tea break. We had been to a couple of trips when we were in the same office. Now, that I was the only one who separated from the group, we were planning for a trip since 6 months now but one or the other guy wasn’t able to turn up due to their family commitments.

A week back, Harsha had called to ask if I’m up for the trip to which I replied “Tentative” because I wasn’t in a mood to go. After discussing with other people, they picked SAKLESHPUR for the weekend trip. I had already been to that place a couple of time now which demoralized me more not to go but my wife persisted to go and have fun (as she knew them from a couple of years now). They booked a homestay called “Mystique Falls” which was outside the city and somewhere inside the jungle. Travel date was set to Saturday, 21st July and pickup time was 6 AM. Everyone had their pickup points planned accordingly the previous night and decided to meet at Nelmangala-Hassan flyover.

At Mayura Veg Hotel

As planned, everyone reached the first meeting point to have tea and snacks. From there on, we drove for an hour before stopping for breakfast at Hotel Mayura Veg (near Bellur cross). We quickly filled our stomach and were back on the road in order to reach the homestay on time for lunch. After stopping once or twice in the middle, we reached the designated place as informed by Homestay owner. We were informed to park our vehicles there (as the road is not suited) and from there a jeep picked us up and dropped near the homestay. In order to reach the homestay, one should cross the bridge.

My first impression of the homestay was negative and it wasn’t nowhere what I had expected (even others to some extent). We dropped our bags in the room provided and went for lunch. Lunch was OK with not many options for Veg or Non-veg. We had our lunch and were back to our room thinking what to do next as it was raining outside. Staff informed us that no water activities due to heavy rainfall and rise in water levels. Everyone was dejected and there was nothing else to do apart from relaxing in the room. After much deliberation, we went to play mud volleyball. It was a thrilling experience as guys were excited, fearful (due to leeches), feeling cold (due to continuous rain). Everyone had a great time for an hour before we decided to go back to the room and rest for a while.

It was just 5 PM in the evening when I, Prashanth and Harsha went to the common area asking staff to prepare for snacks, coffee & campfire. They were kind enough to prepare hot snacks (Mirchi bajji) with coffee and lightened the campfire for us. An hour passed when other friends arrived and sat around us. Everyone was making their body warm around the campfire, chatting and discussing various things. It was drinks/dinner time and we were still there chilling ourselves. We moved our ass only when the wood turned into ashes (time was around 11.30 PM) and retired to our room. The staff informed us that they would take us to the trek tomorrow morning around 6 AM, so be ready.

Next day morning, most of the guys weren’t ready for the trek but we pushed them to come. In order to not get drenched, the staff provided a plastic sheet to cover our body in case it rains. It was hardly 10mins of the trek, there were leeches on everyone’s feet. A couple of guys frightened and returned back whereas others continued. We tried to apply salt as and when leeches were on our body but later on, it didn’t matter as we ignored and kept trekking. The last part of the trek was difficult due to the steep and slippery nature caused by continuous rains.

After an hour, we reached the top and the view from it was just refreshing. The wind was breezy and the clouds were moving with such a rapid pace.  On reaching the top, everyone’s phone was buzzing as there was network reception. They called their respective families to inform about their whereabouts. After that, we sat there changing our positions every few minutes in all directions to catch the glimpse of the forest. The climate was changing drastically, that’s when the guide signaled us lets get back to the camp. The trek to down was even more dangerous as there was no support to lean/catch. At one point, one of my friends slid down taking another with him but luckily the guy in front balanced somehow and they stopped after a few meters. It was such a scary sight to watch and everyone’s heart was in their mouth. In an hour, we reached back safely.

Breakfast was ready and everyone was hungry. We had our stomach’s full and went for our room, got fresh in no time to travel back to Bengaluru. We had planned many activities but nature played its course and we ended doing nothing but eating & talking about love stories, linkups, family responsibilities, and many other idiotic topics. Even though it didn’t go as we planned yet it was fun and relaxing with such friends.

Getting There:

  • By Road (Preferable)– The road condition from Bangalore is excellent till Sakleshpur. It is at a distance of 230 KMs from Bangalore taking Bangalore-Nelmangala-Hassan-Sakleshpur NH.
  • By Train – One can get down at Sakleshpur when traveling from Bangalore. From there, one has to reach Hanbal in order to get picked up by Homestay staff.
  • By Bus – There are direct buses to Sakleshpura from Bangalore.

Travel Tips:

  • The best time to visit – Monsoon (July – August).
  • Carry extra clothing, shoes, umbrella/raincoats etc.
  • Carry a medical kit in case of emergency as its remote place.
  • Download the maps offline which is very important as the network signals become weak.
  • Keep contacting the homestay staff in case of confusion/dilemma. [sometimes address in the google maps is wrong which is informed by the homestay staff prior]
  • If you have friends who booze, it is recommended to buy it en route or at Sakleshpura.
  • Pack food items of your interests as it will be needed due to various activities.




Happy New Year – 2016

As december approaches, every youngster thinks of where and how to celebrate New Year. I’m in the phase where in I have realised New year doesn’t change much in your life expect you age and resolutions which you make (which we tend to forget sooner or later). But why are friends for?! They always come up with something and we end up doing that in one way or the other. This year, we didn’t have to plan something because one of the our friend  (PRASHANTHA KUMAR EMMADI) was getting married on 1st day  of the year.

We among few of friends decided that we will attend his marriage and celebrate the new year at a new place outside bustling Bangalore city. We were 8 friends who were travelling in 2 cars to KARATAGI (The famous, as exaggerated by Prashanta) which is near to Hospet. All of them applied leave on 31st Dec so that we can start early morning from Bangalore and reach Karatagi in the evening to attend the reception. We decided to start bit late in the morning around 10 AM taking Bangalore-Chitradurga-Hospet route to reach the destination. Mahesh, Chandra, Bharath & Shivaraj were in one car (i20) whereas Harsha, Meer, Sumanth and me were in the other (spark). Mahesh and others started early which I wasn’t aware of and by the time, we started from bangalore they had already crossed tumkur, thanks to Sumanth for his late entry. We had our breakfast at SHREE RATHNAM and resumed our journey. As we were running behind the schedule so we opted to skip chitradurga fort which boiled Sumanth because he wanted to visit it. We met i20 guys outside Chitradurga in order to move forward together. It was around 4 PM when we stopped for our lunch at some Bar & Restaurant. One of the funny moment I still recollect is ordering Tea/Coffee in bar :).

After filling in our stomach, we were on road again travelling towards Karatagi. The road was narrow and was busy with trucks passing by. It was around 6.30 PM when we stopped at back waters of Tungabhadra for one scenic view and the tunnel which captured everyone’s eye. We stopped there for few mins and started but not before boys started taking pics behind the orange sky. It was around 8 PM when we reached Karatagi. Me and few friends quickly got freshen up and reached the marriage hall to attend the reception. Other friends join us bit later. We all had light food so that we can party at night. Drinks were arranged by Prashant’s brother. We reached our hotel around 11 AM and within no time, table was set. That night was one hilarious night which I will remember for very very long time. Sumanth made that night unforgettable with his talks, actions and words. As usual, once the clock hit 12, all the lights were shut down for few seconds and were turned on. I seriously don’t know why do they do that? welcome new year with darkness. After wishing their family, friends, girlfriend etc. we bid adieu and slept.

Mr. & Mrs. Prashanta Kumar Emmadi

The next morning, we were all dressed up and attended the marriage. The arrangements were good as any indian wedding, people started pouring in at lunch time. We sat there watching people go by, discussing things and sometimes quick nap. After a while, we got up and had our lunch as we wanted to reach Hospet for night stay. After taking the picture of the group with the couple, we took leave from the place and started journey towards Hospet. This time, we once again went to the backwaters to enjoy the view and also to take pictures. I didn’t disappoint them this time and clicks came out really well. From there on, we went to Tungabhadra gardens to see the dam and gardens (especially the water show). The water show was much to our disappointment which made us not to wait till it finishes. We checked in at BILWA RESIDENCY and had food in the same restaurant. It was around 12.30 AM when Harsha comes to our room and says its his birthday. We woke up our friends and Meer decided to get take at any cost in the middle of night. We roam around the city and got cake pieces inside the Bus station. We celebrated his birthday and wished him again. It was around 2 AM when we fell asleep.

The next day we travelled to HAMPI which was very near to HOSPET.  We reached Virupaksha Temple around 10 in the morning after having our breakfast in the local hotel. After spending some time in the temple, we went to visit VITHALA TEMPLE. Its one of the must-go place in hampi. We reached around 12.30 and took a guide who explained some of the sculptures and things about the temple which made us admire the talent and skill people had ages back. We went around the temple and took few pictures here and there.

It was 2 PM when we decided to leave the temple and start our journey back to bangalore. We have our lunch at a Punjabi hotel in HOSPET and resumed our journey.  The return journey was much quicker as the road was not busy and there was some healthy competition between the drivers :). We decided to stop at Cafe Coffee Day, Peenya to celebrate Harsha birthday. There was only one hour left for his birthday to end when we made him cut the cake. We took few photos and get diversified as we needed to drop Sumanth to Jayanagar whereas Mahesh, Shivaraj & Bharath took Hebbal route to reach home. I was the last person who was dropped at my room at 12.15.

Birthday celebrations @ CCD, Peenya
Birthday celebrations @ CCD, Peenya

Volleyball Championship – 2015

      Many months passed and no games/tournament was held in the office. People constantly kept me asking when and what is the next tournament being conducted (as I’m part of Employee-Club). Many people suggested different sports such as Football, Badminton, Volleyball, cricket and many more. After checking and taking feedback, we decided to opt for volleyball. Software AG Bangalore never organised an volleyball tournament prior to it. As the first mail was sent to all the employees, most of them were thrilled to hear about it. After checking with the Tech park people, we were informed that there is a volleyball court behind one of the buildings which we weren’t aware of. Ravi (Facilty director of Software AG) did take permission to use the court and we started using the court every day.

      At first, only handful of people joined (friends of mine) but as the days passed by, people starting coming by and showing interest in it. We used to go around 5 PM in the evening and come back at 6 – 6.30 PM. Seeing us play, many other companies joined the line. As the survey was sent to register the teams, we decided the team for us. Players included in our team were Ajoy, Sachin, Meer, Prajwal, Nabin and Me (being the captain). Everyone was good at it except me. In fact, we had a very good player in our team who played in state level (that’s what I was told). Coming to me, I would say I suck at playing volleyball, big time. I’m not such a good player of volleyball but managed it somehow.

    The date for the tournament kept postponing due to interviews/walk-ins being scheduled every weekend, HQ visitors, Project completion, Technology session etc. which resulted in people losing their interest in the tournament. So, we had a meeting and date was finalised for the tournament after taking conformation from all the 8 enrolled teams, the venue and date was decided. It was at Ekam sports academy on 4-April, 2014.  There were 8 teams running for the title out of which only 6 teams turned up on the match day (other two teams didn’t turn up due to walk-in’s). Out of 6 teams, we have 3 winners and one lucky loser who would play in semi-final. The winners of the semi’s would play for the title and become the first ever Volleyball champions of Software AG. I was pretty confident that if we played well, we could atleast make it to top 2 and we did accomplish that by some smart play (not by me). We had reach finals to play against ”. Both the teams had good players and bad players. Final round was best of 3 sets, which could give fair and equal chance of showcasing the skill and winning the title. We thought we would have tough fight for the finals but it was a straight 2 set win which made us the first ever VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS of Software AG.

Team @ Ekam Sports Academy
Team @ Ekam Sports Academy

     From the prize money received, we planned to go for lunch. Two months later, the plan was put into action.  After going through so many options from zomato, we clinched to “Black Pearl” @ Kormangala on 10-July, 2014.  The restaurant theme was Pirates (from Pirates of Caribbean). It was such a fun time where we wore pirate caps and posed for the pic (below). I still remember one moment, Sachin’s desire to eat rabbit which I fulfilled forcefully :).

Volleyball Team
Team @ Black Pearl, Kormangala


        Every year in Software AG, a cricket tournament named CRICKETSHETRA is held. We were looking for the St. John’s grounds, Koramangala where previous year’s tournament was held. The ground needs to be booked a month prior because many other companies or other colleges book for the same. Luckily, somewhere in the first week of October, we got the ground for 14 November 2014. We sent out the survey to the employees and in a span of week, we had the list of people who wanted to participate in the tournament. After looking into the count, we randomly divided them into 8 teams with 12 players each. Every year we tend to do something different than the previous year, we (Employee Club members) decided to meet and discuss. After loads of discussion and options, we opted to have different colours caps for 8 teams.

In the meantime, teams started jelling up with their team mates and came back with their captain names and team names. I was a part of one of the teams i.e. Team 7. My team has couple of oldies and new players whom I haven’t interacted with. I self nominated myself as captain of the team as no one responded to the mails 😉 and I named the team as CRAZY 11. As days were passing by, cricket mania was taking people’s mind. Teams started going to practice by 4.30-5 PM. My team was still not active where no one showed interest in practising except couple of guys. At last one fine day, we all team mates met for a brief moment and discussed the game plan. Also discussed that we should go as a team to practice atleast once but as expected it went into vain. Also few of team-mates expressed to change the team name so I renamed it to SAG THUNDERBOLTS. There was something which I felt might go wrong or felt suspicious, so just to keep my mind calm I dropped a mail asking if someone is dropping out at 11th hour and quick came a reply from one of my team-mate who won’t b able to attend the match day. I thought, it’s ok we shall play with 10 guys in a team.

Finally, the Match day arrived and our team’s match was scheduled at 9.20 and team were informed to be atleast 20 mins before. I reached the ground around 8.45 AM. But as it’s customary in India that, time is never to be followed. It was around 9 that I started calling up my team-mates and to my horror they said they won’t be available for the match as their answers were something like “not ready”, “just woke up”, “leaving now”, “not well”, “doctor’s appointment” etc.. I don’t know which of the excuses are true but frankly speaking, I believed none. It was 9.20 and only 4 team mates were present on the ground. Call it high spirited or adamant, we wanted to play with 4-6 players. Luckily we lost the toss and opponent team opted to field. Haran and Naga went as openers from my team but bad luck was still lingering on our team and we lost the first wicket in the first over of the match. Saurabh was one of the key players of our team and he played in for couple of overs before he got out. We wanted to play all 8 overs and we did that and managed to get a defendable score of 66 with some late hitting by Haran. While play was in progress, we got couple of new players and late comers and joined in. We now had 10 players and it was up to bowlers to win the match and we did win with some strategically game of play. We pulled up a win and surprised everyone.

The next match was semi final which was scheduled at 2:40 PM and we were waiting for our opponents which will be decided in the last league match. We expected GANGS of SAG to take the fourth semi final spot and it happened as expected. The first semi final was between SAG RIDERS v/s SAG WARRIORS. Warriors were more balanced team than their opponents and they won comfortable chasing the score. We (Azhar and Me) were the captains of GANGS of SAG and SAG THUNDERBOLTS respectively. Azhar won the toss and elected to field first. We were happy to bat first and piled up a huge score of 100 in 8 overs. We knew that the score could be chased easily as they had good strikers of the ball but we bowled to our plan which was not to give anything leg-side. And we got the desired result i.e we won against the last time champions. The match was set for the finals against SAG WARRIORS v/s SAG THUNDERBOLTS.


        We were high in confidence and wanted to win this badly. We won the toss and elected to BAT as it was working for us. We started very well and put up a score of 101 runs at the end of 8 overs, thanks to Surajit who played a gem of an innings. SAG WARRIORS were awarded 10 runs as bonus as per one of the rules wherein if a lady is in playing XI and the opponent doesn’t then team which has lady cricketer gets bonus runs. So it was 91 runs for us to defend. We were bowling well and keeping them at bay which pulled us close to be the champions. But as they say in cricket, nothing is over until the last ball is bowled. We were in such situation where in 29 runs were required in last over. We thought we have it from here but what followed shook us. One of our surprise bowler (aka PUNEETH) gave away too many wides and boundaries. It all came down to 9 runs in 3 balls, yes you heard it correct. 20 runs were scored in last 3 balls, we were dumbstruck at this. We quickly gathered and gave encouragement to the bowler. The penultimate ball of the match brought us a wicket of one of the key player of the opponent team which brought was a big relief. They still needed 7 runs from  1 ball and we told the bowler, it’s ok to bowl as he feel because even if he hits for a six, it doesn’t matter. It was a dot ball and we were jubilant with the result. We are the NEW CHAMPIONS, it felt great having won the tournament from a nowhere team to top team in the tournament. Everyone was surprised and happy seeing us win the tournament. Even though we weren’t strong team of the tournament but still managed to clinch the title and display great dedication, passion, strategy and grit, which yielded great results.


       There is a ritual at our office where in every once an year we conduct “POTLUCK” event. It is something which is been followed from few years few years. I wasn’t aware of such event untill it was announced. After enquiring with senior staff in the office, me and many of my friends got to know what exactly was the event. The event was basically cooking food in office or bringing it from home and selling it to office staff. The amount collected by selling the food items prepared would be given to charity. Its was fun and also had a cause in it. All the people were informed that, the event would be among various teams and whatever amount is collect by the teams would be summed up and the exact amount would be contributed by company and given to a charity. Every team had a specific date to prepare food items and bring it to the office and sell it. The date would be announced soon.

       Few days later, we got a mail from our HR Shanthi informing us in which team we are in and date of the eventfor teams. Event was among six teams and i was in TEAM 1 aka WINNING TEAM :). We had 60 people in our team and was scheduled on 23rd July 2012 . I personally wanted to participate in this event and give the best as there was a cause behind it. We needed a team leader for the team and Appu nominated me for it. At first, i was not in favour of it but agreed to it later. We decided to meet and discuss what we can prepare for the event. But many people didn’t turn up for the meeting. I was bit dejected at first but it was just 1st meeting and people tend to ignore it. We planned for another meeting soon and again only few of them were present. It was Appu, Me, Abhishek and Anuj available and we decided few items among ourselves such as Aloo paratha, Samosa Chole, Fruit salad, Mirchi, Bonda etc. Later Anju (one of our team member) informed us of her bringing cake and kheer. Slowly, everthing was falling into place and people were responding to it. We later decided to postpone the event from 23rd July to 25th July 2012 so that team would get more time to prepare.

       We were only 6-8 people who were actively participating in the event and didn’t have proper response from all the other team members. So, Abhishek decided to check out the names of the people and pull few of them to participate. And he did convince (or i should say pulled few of them) to participate in the event. We had a group of 15 people now, so we called a final meeting to finalise the food items to be prepared, what are the things required for it, who will be bringing which items etc. Once the meeting got completed, we decided to prepare Aloo paratha, samosa chat, fruit salad with jelly/custard/ice cream, mirchi, onion pakoda, wada, two varities of cake, tilli ladoo, kheer, khakhara and lassi. Every person had a task/job to be done. We were ready for the event and everybody was charged for it.

      It was 25th July 2012, Shanthi (HR) made sure everyone knows about the event and sends out a mail to staff. We were ready for the show. We were told to use the cafeteria space for the event. We dedcided to meet around 2.30PM in the afternoon in order to setup, prepare dishes and arrange all the items prior. Everyone was busy in preparing or helping others. Appu was choppping the vegetables with Azhar helping her, Benita was busy preparing batter for mirchi and pakoda, anju and aditi were helping her. Abhishek, Anuj and me were preparing aloo paratha, Anjini and Abhimanyu were preparing lassi, Amit and Ashwini were cutting the fruits, Akshay was getting ready to sell his khakhara’s and Bapi and anuj were not doing anything :). We placed each item for display for the viewers to have a taste of it before they buy. Event started around 3.30PM. We had priced the food items on the higher side in order to contribute more to charity.

My Team

         I was with abhishek preparing paratha’s, the first order we got was for the mirchi. Slowly, orders increased and people started taking items but no one had taken paratha. We waited for nearly half an hour for an order. Abhishek used to call people personally and tell them to buy it. We also gave many combo offers to attract more people so that they would more items. It was such a fun seeing that. I and few of my team mates used to have a bite of each item when nobody was watching us. Many people liked almost all the items and appreciated for the good work. Slowly, the crowd was disappearing as time progressed and around 6 in the evening we stopped and most of the items were sold out. Then we all the team members gathered around to taste few items. MIRCHI and ONION PAKODA were flavor of the day. We were very satisfied with all our efforts that we had put in. We collected handsome amount of money for the charity. All in all, it was such a great exprience and fun-filled event. Loved it!

Dance, not my area

          It was birthday party of month june 2012 in the office. Before starting the party, Azhar had already informed us that there will be a quick group dance in the birthday party so make pairs by yourself so that you people might have chance of winning a gift voucher of Rs. 500 from flipkart. Akshay and Bapi were also there when azhar was sharing this information with me. The moment they heard about it, they backed out.

Birthday Cake for the month June 2012

           Birthday party announcement was made by ravi and informed all the people to join in the caferteria for party. We wantedly didn’t go early as azhar would catch us and make us participate. Me and Akshay went to party 10-15mins late and by the time, we entered cafeteria freshers were introducing about themselves (including the new bird). As the introductory part was finished, it was time for dance competition. Akshay and pradeep heard about it and vanished in a second. I was standing behind a bunch of womens and azhar looked at me and called me up. I was hesitant at first but eventually particpated. The other participant were Rohit aka Roti and Pandeji :).

Pandeyji initiated the moves
Rohit with his tumka’s

    When the song started, i had no clue what steps to do for the song as it was some bihari song. Pandeyji started with an girly move and thumka’s but the show stealler was rohit. The steps he perfomed were awesome and were syncing with the lyrics. The quick dance competition lasted for less than 1 minute and i haven’t done atleast one dance move. I knew, dance is never my cup of tea. Its was the time for the winner to be announced and the winner was none other than ‘ROHIT’ for his jhatka’s and matka’s. After the dance, I knew people would say you didn’t do atleast a step but i was happy by myself because i had the guts to face the audience and still do nothing. Atleast, i gave it a try even if its not my area. Then we had cake cutting ceremony which is kindoff ritual in our office. People whose birthday was in the month june were told to join in cake cutting ceremony. We then had cake and sandwiches which were arranged by office to all the staff. It was all in all, a good day which came to an end.


                   June 15th 2011 was one of the important days of ma life. It was ma first day of my work in IT industry in the shape of SOFTWARE AG.  I was placed through college placement as an intern. Frankly speaking, i wasn’t expecting an offer because i thot i need to prepare myself more to get into IT industry, but luck favored me and i got selected into the company.

               Its been more than an year now in Software AG and i had many experiences (good and bad). Prior joining to the company, i was very much afraid or rather say hesitated because i never wore formals in my life. Its a serious NO-NO to my wardrobe. After getting selected, i started buying formals clothes and ma friends gifted me with clothes as gift. I felt very uneasy in formals as i wasn’t comfortable in it. One the 1st day of office, the first person to meet was Mrs. Mythri Kulkarni, she was the HR of the company. she greeted us and took us to one of the conf. room and told me and pradeep to sit there. After few mins, there were two guys who entered the conf. room and sat in front of us. They introduced us as SHANAWAZ MANIYAR and SHANKERRAPPA SAJJAN from RVCE college. These two people were talking in english contionously and tried impressing  us but everthing went to vain when we asked about their natives 🙂 :). One of them was from hubli and other from bidar. Then we stopped talking in english and started talking in proper kannada (uttar karnataka style). Then we filled up the formalities and went to respective teams. I was into BPM team and was greeted by Vidya Bhagwat, Nabin Singh, Harish Limba and Praneetha. Vidya was the one who was leading the team by then. The 1st thing which i felt was the warmth with which vidya welcomed me and made me comfortable with in the team. I still have great respect to her and treat her as my mentor. She was very polite to many of my mistakes and always corrected me so that i can understand well enough.

                  Time slowly started moving fastly and i was getting used to the office environment. I stopped wearing formals and was back to my best in causal wears as company wasn’t strict on dress code :). Then after few months, i was shifted to different team called SUSTAINING TEAM which was led by Rekha.  I started to learn more about automation tools under the guidance of Geetha and Karthik. They taught me in different areas and made me understand various concepts. Sometimes there was enough pressure put but that brought best in me and worst also of-course. I slowly got accustomed to the work and started gaining more knowledge.  And from the friends circle at office, it was also growing and i made many more friends.  Rekha was another person who understood me well and always guided me in correct way. There were many people too but as she was the manager and my interaction was more with her, he bonded well and always used to suggest me to improve in different areas by giving feedback.  Then one of the saddest moments of the company happened, when one of our colleague died in accident.  It was all of a sudden this mishap happened which shook many people including me. It took many days to recover from that incident (we still remember him in many ways).  After few days, somewhere in the mid of september i was appointed as the employee of Software AG. It was like a shock for me which i didn’t expect. Later i shifted to other team name called Software Update Manager (SUM).

                 One day, we all friends planned to have lunch outside office @ 24 tech hotel in our tech park. We were a gang of 12-15 people and were enjoying so much at office and outside too. This was the first outing with in friends which we had and captured in the pictures.

@ 24 Tech Hotel

             I wanted to get involved in office extra activities so joined Employee club which plans events for the company. We had many events in the past one year like Annual day Celebrations, trip to wonder la, Indoor sports tournament, cricket championship etc. We had loads of fun organizing events and also managing to work.

@ Wonder La

                We performed at annual day celebrations of the year 2011 which was the coolest things happened at Software AG. We did loads of practice for dance and skit (in which i played the role of DON 🙂 ).  That night was filled with fun and enthusiasm.

Our Skit Gang
@ Orchid hotel

             Then we organised Indoor Sports Tournament which included chess, TT, Carrom and FoosBall. It was almost one moth event and was so much to see players wining and others cheering them up. Rohit aka roti (as we call him) and me were handling the duty to make the tournament successful and in a way we did a very good job.

My Reward for organizing Indoor Sports Tournament

                     There was cricket championship which was conducted recently by employee club which turned out to be success. I believe every company should have a small team or club which should arrange activities which keeps them interested i work and also brings relaxation to mind. As per today, i have made many friends like pradeep, shanawaz, akshay, bapi, shankerappa, chandra, harsha, prashanth, kalpan, biswa, amit, manish, nadaf etc (sorry if i missed anyone). We have fultoo fun at office especially me, bapi and akshay. I can say it has been one  cherishable year @ SOFWTARE AG.

Christmas Eve and New Year Party @ SOFTWARE AG

                 Ravindra Nayak, Facility manager of Software AG announced a month ago for the Christmas eve and new year celebration party of 2011 @ ORCHID HOTEL, Bengaluru. Everyone was thrilled and excited for the event. In a way, people was thinking what kind of events can be done in order to make it huge success when compared to earlier years.  Practice for songs, dance rehearsals, singing, searching for fun games and quick polls were already started running into people’s mind.

                  Initially, i wasn’t into any event as i keep myself very reserved when it comes to dancing. Dancing is not my cup of tea. I love dancing but my body doesn’t sync up with me well :P. As days progressed, people began showing more interest into dancing, singing, involving into the events, organizing. Then all of a sudden , out of no where we had a plan to perform an comedy act/skit on the celebration day. I remember it correctly that while having our lunch @ Cafeteria, Me Pradeep, Akshay, Bapi, Shanawaz shared this plan and they loved the idea of skit coming into picture and everyone gave a heads up to this. We started planning for the our act which should make audience burst into laughter. We ran into many ideas but none of them caught our complete attention. Then we got an idea of cumulating series of scams n famous incidents in the recent times like sardar slapping sharad pawar, nityananda controversy etc. We decided among our group of friends and made changes in order to bring more humor to the play. But later realised this skit might be blocked as someone need to review it and accept it. So we took help of Appu and Kuldeep in order to supervise and guide us through the end. We shared our ideas with them and called up a meeting for it. In the meeting, we decided what we will be skit, what roles to be needed etc. We finally had a good skit in hand which would work out for sure. The skit was titled as ‘MODERN RAMAYAN’ with loads of pj’s and cool stuff which would was the recipe to bring humor to the play. But later we realized this might hurt sentiments of few people (which we didn’t intended to do). so dropped out the concept of modern ramayan and opted for new title by name ‘LOVE STORY 2050’. Sounds interesting, is it!!

                 There were many key characters in the play like RANDY (played by guru), RANI (played by Aishvarya), JACKIE (played by Bapi), DON (played by me), NITYANANDA (played by shanawaz, it suited him pretty well :)), RAJINI (played by akshay), Grandma and Grandpa (played by Appu and Manish), Neighbour (played by Avinash Agarwal), Banner boy (Akash) etc. The key role was the background voice for which we selected Pradeep who brought that x-factor to the play. Not to forget the role of director by kuldeep, his support was always there and was constantly motivating us. We rehearsed many a times in the basement to make the skit a success.

                   Bapi, Me and guru were chosen to do a small cameo in one of the group dance.  U heard me, I was chosen to dance :). I was like, i cannot do it. After discussing n thinking so much, i decided to dance. Finally, the day had come and we went early around 4PM to the hotel so as to get feel of the place and rehearsal once of the stage. I remember when i first got on the stage , there a mike stand with mike placed on it. Pradeep joined me on stage, i took the mike and starting humming. Then suddenly i sang a line of famous song “Habibi habibi habibi” :).

Pradeep and Me on stage
Enjoying at the time of final practice

                    We practiced for a while and later dance practice were on. As we were also a part of the song, we too had a small practice session of that too. It was time by then now and people started coming in to the hall. We then changed to costumes provided by our director and were raring to perform.

                 The celebration started with a song and then with a beautiful dance by two kids on the song ‘Why dis kolaverdi’. Two kids started the evening with a bang with splendid performance with their innocence and courage to dance on floor. Then there was a classical dance (Kathak) performed by daughter of Sampath. The elegance with which she performed was awesome and it reflected with huge no. of clapping in the hall. Then there was song sung by vidya’s daughter and a small competition of wrapping their partner soon enough in certain time limit.

Two kids performing on ‘why dis kolaver di’ song

              Hall was jam packed and people were standing around and were enjoying the evening, Next event was our play. There was a sense of anxiousness and fear in all of us. Everything was set up and we were waiting at side of the stage covering ourselfs.  First scene was about the birth of randy and death of his neighbour. Second scene was after 20 yrs where randy(Guru) flirts with gals and sings the song ‘Jab bhi koi ladki dekhoon, mera dil deewana bole, ole ole ole’.

Randy(Guru) in act

                 Now comes my entry as DON with the song ‘Mujhko pechanlo main hoon don’. I did reasonably well and audience aplauded with cheers and smiles all around. The next entry was of other key role ‘JACKIE’ (bapi). The entry song for his character was none other than ‘jackie jackie jackie jackie’ from jackie movie. I must say, Bapi has the energy and style to dance well. I saw people shouting on his performance.

Bapi on the song ‘jackie jackie’

                     Then the main entry of the heroine of the skit/play ‘RANI’. Audience screamed her name and shouted while performing on the song ‘Hips dont lie’. Then the play went on for while with innovative yet old style breaks. There were 2 special appearances in skit which were RAJINI (Akshay) and NITYANANADA oops SATYANANDA (Shanawaz).  I still have the entry of rajini in my mind with the background score playing ‘basha basha’. The punch line was the loud smile and the famous rajini dialogue ‘ Na vuru thodava sona, nooru thodava sona matiri’. People burst into the laughter by seeing that clip and the emotions portayed by akshay. The other character was SATYANANDA which was again typical modern.

Akshay as Rajini

                      Then i did a Michael Jackson gig on the song ‘Beat it’ with Rani. The plot was moving smoothly and was coming to the end. Once the play was finished, all the members were called on the stage in order to appreciate the work we had put into.

Our Skit Gang

                          After finishing with the play, we had once more cameo to be done in group dance. We finished the small cameo and changed ourself. We (our group) then went outside to relax and started having our dinner. Dinner was very yummy as there were different cuisines prepared. Even chilled beer was available and people were enjoying the atmosphere. We had many snaps taken while diner and one of them is below

@ Orchid hotel
Official photo with GCS guys

                 We then took official photographs which was sponsored by company. and relaxed in the hall seeing all the performances done by many individuals and team wise. Time was almost come where we need to bid bye to the day and end the party. The party was a grand success and many families, colleagues and others  enjoyed the evening to the core and there was huge smile on each and every person in the hall. There is one person to whom we should be thankful and that is none other than ‘RAVI’.  Without his support, nothing was possible. He took care of even the smallest thing which required and was till the end of party.

Had one of the best evenings @ Software AG, Cheers guys!! 🙂

Wonder La

           It’s been not even a month now in the IT industry and I have been to the first company outing to WONDER LA. I have heard about the amusement park earlier through my friends but never been there. I had been to one such amusement park when I was studying back in Hyderabad (Ocean Park). Keeping my experiences in-check with amusement park, I was not so thrilled nor so excited about the outing.


It’s been a week (13-July, 2011) now that we have been to Wonder La. It was organized by the company to only RnD department and we (Interns & Contractors) were also taken into consideration for the outing. As it was still early days in the office and there weren’t many friends made so we sticked to the smaller group- of IT Admin’s and Facility manager. The first ride on entering the amusement park was the “WONDER SPLASH” which kick started our fun.

Then we went to play at WAVE POOL. This pool is one of the happening places in Wonder La. People of all ages come here and try to get the taste of the waves which keeps on increasing for certain time window. There will be photographers who will be taking pictures of your moments and give you tags (which will ensure you get back your cherished moments back).  The waves are triggered only for certain time and after that it’s just swimming pool. We took pictures there and moved to water rides. You will find different kinds of water rides such as dry and wet rides. They vary from kinds of rides to the height of the slide.

We did try many water rides such as boomerang, Harakiri, Uphill Racer, Water Pendulum, Wavy and vertical Fall etc. The rides tire you easily but the adrenalin which pumps through the ride brings back all the energy and urges for one more ride. After a while, we were tired so went to have our lunch in the restaurant inside the amusement park.

After having our lunch, we opted for “High Thrill rides” which brought our gut to the mouth. Few rides which we tried were such as Flash tower, Insanity, Y-scream, Maverick etc. When we checked the time, it was quarter past four and there was many many games to played but we couldn’t manage as we need to gather around the main gate at 5 PM as informed earlier. There was disappointment that we couldn’t cover other games and rides but at the same time, happiness that we were able to enjoy nicely. I promised myself that I would visit again and cover the other games and rides.