Meeting Teachers after an year

        Neha who i consider as my didu, friend and mentor in many ways. She was in kerala attending some international conference with her colleagues. Colleagues were none other than the teachers who taught us in M.Tech. Vijaylakshmi M ma’m (who were my guide in, Jayalakshmi ma’m and Survarna ma’m were also attending the conference with neha. I was thinking how time has changed. Once upon a time, he/she was a student and now he/she has became teacher in the same college and are siting with our old lecturers. Coming back to what i was saying, neha called me two days prior from kerala and said she isn’t feeling well because of food. And later informed me that, they will be going to hubli via Bengaluru. They would come to Bengaluru on Monday and leave for hubli the same day at night. I promised to pay a visit to her and my lecturers for sure.

       I called up neha next day in the afternoon asking about the plans and she informed me to come to railway station directly. I reached railway station around 8.45PM and neha was standing outisde waiting for me. I met her and met Jaylakshmi and Suvarna ma’m. They were very happy to see and same was from my side. We chit chatted for few mins and train started to move. They were very happy that one of their students came to visit them. It really feels special when you meet your lecturers after long time.





Dandeli on Bike’s

                 Its was the month of October and we were frustrated with college torture and routine. We wanted a break from the daily routine and planned for one more trip. When consulting with our classmates (mostly boys),  we found out that many people weren’t able to make out and few of them were not interested at all. So Me, Jagadeesh, Guru, Shivraj and Deepak discussed about the trip and decided that we people will go on bikes to DANDELI. We had only two bikes  one of them was of jagadeesh and other was of guru. We were in need of other bike which deepak brought from his friend. Now the plan was decided and we were energized with the feel of going on bike. We decided to go on 22nd October 2010.

              As planned, we woke up very early in the morning around 3AM and started getting ready. I already informed my sis about the trip and she was bit hesistant about we going on the bike, but i convinced her. Around 4AM (we follow the same time always for the trip), Jagadeesh, Shivraj and Deepak arrived at my home to pick me up. We then picked up guru and started our journey from hubli to dandeli via dharwad. We were on empty stomach and wanted to have at-least tea and biscuits which we saw at one small shop roadside near dharwad and stopped there. We took the picture of it and captured the moment.

@ small shop near dharwad

After sipping tea and smoking (not me), we continued our journey to dandeli forest. As we were going far from dharwad, we saw the road become more lonelier and adventurous. The road curves, sounds of various birds, humming, cool air hitting your chin or ears and making u tickle around. There were quite a few times, where we raced parallely on the road. We saw many scenerie’s of nature which was overwhelming. At one place, she stopped our bikes aside to the road and got down from the bike. We decided to stay there for few mins and leave. We started jumping around and singing loudly. Then everyone posed for the pictures and we also took group pictures lying on the road or sitting in the middle of the road. There were few incidents where i was about to click the picture and suddenly there was vehicle coming behind which petrified us.

On the dandeli road
Its just a pose for the picture 🙂
On the road of dandeli

          After finishing the photo session on the road, we continued the journey and reached dandeli in an hour or so.  One of the friends of shivraj was living in dandeli, so called him up and asked whether he can show us any places  near by to which he agreed. We picked him up and started going away from dandeli to reach a spot where we can relax or enjoy and no one to disturb us. We reached a place where we parked our  bikes and started walking from there. We went nearly 1km into the forest from where we parked the our bikes.  We were having mixed feeling enthralled about all this and fear of going deep into the forest.

Half way in the forest
Deep inside the dandeli forest

      We finally reached the place what we were looking for. It was very calm place with dangerous kali river running beside it. The place was perfect where we can enjoy mother nature to the fullest. The weather was sultry and we were sweating. We wasted no time and jumped into the river. The currents were very strong which pulled many people into the river. We were very cautious about that fact back of our minds. We made fun of each other by pulling them suddenly, attacking one person at a time, circling single person and throwing water on his face and he has no way to hide.

A view of river Kali from our spot
Enjoying @ river kali

                     We played around the river for a quite a few hours. One after the other, everyone came out of the water and were changing into other clothes. As we were changing clothes, the climate started changes and we saw dark clouds started covering the sky. Within few mins, sky was completely covered with dark clouds and started pouring. We had taken only one extra pair of dress that too was not planned. One of the dress were drenched and the other we wore few mins back. Rain got worse within few mins and we had no place to hide ourselfs till 1-2 kms. Our new clothes were completely drenched and we were worried about cell phones and wallets which can be damaged. So we put all the cellphones into many layers of plastic and placed at the below part of the bag just to make sure that atleast cellphone and wallet were not damaged. We started walking towards the bike but were finding difficulty in moving as the rain created a small stream of water running on the small path from which we entered. As i was wearing flip flops, the small stream made difficult to me as i was on flip flops. I later removed them and placed it around bag. At last after battling it around, we reached our bikes and rain was still pouring down heavily. Then to my shock, i saw blood coming out  of my legs. When observed keenly, it was biten by leeches. We decided to ride bike in rain and with only shorts and t-shirts. I still remember, Shivraj was wearing a towel around his waist and sat back in one of the bikes. We were enjoying every sec of the trip. We weren’t aware what was going to be happen in the next second. We traveled back to dandeli village and stopped at one restaurant.

Jaga and Guru @ hotel in dandeli
Pose by Kannada SRK (Shivraj Kumar)
Deepak @ restaurant in dandeli

             We finished our lunch and made ourselfs dry. When checked the bags, we found shivraj and my phone was not reachable as water somehow got into it.  After finishing our food, we started moving out of dandeli and slowly on the road to hubli. There were many scenery’s which made us to explore more and more. After travelling to some distance we got to know about the place where many shooting were filmed. Bikes weren’t allowed inside nor was there any route  for bikes. We parked our bikes half a kilo meter far and viewed the place. The view from the place was eye pleasing.  We took few pictures there and started our journey back.

A place near dandeli

           As we started towards hubli, it was getting dark very soon in the forest and rain was till drizzling. We were riding the bikes in rain from 2-3 hours. I remember one incident where me and guru were on one bike and jagadeesh and shivraj were on the other bike. Deepak was riding alone on his bike. As we were talking andriding the bike, it slowed the pace but deepak was going on fast. After few mins, we saw deepak going very slowly in his bike and their was tension and fear in his face. When asked what happen, she shouted on us saying, where the hell were you people? We cooled him down a bit and asked him whats the matter. He then narrated that, while is was riding the bike, suddenly a big snake came in front of him with its fin open. He was horrified by seeing this and to console himself that he has friends with him, to his bad luck we wern’t there behind him as we were riding slowly. Then We kept the pace and managed to reach hubli safely at late night and we were fully tired with all day journey on bikes.

It was one of the must had experience in my life and still have glimpses of this trip in my eyes. It was a special trip and will always be!

Syntheri Rocks

                  It was in the month of February that we planned to go for the next trip. Gals complained us last time saying they weren’t informed of any trip and were angry at us. We promised them that we would inform them next time when we plan for a trip so that we all (boys & gals) can have fun. As we were planning, we asked gals as promised whether they are willing to come or not. They replied saying, many of the gals are willing to come for the trip. We then sat together and started to plan where all to go. Many of friends suggested places but we eventually decided to visit Ulavi Channabasaveshwara Temple and Syntheri rocks

                 The date was fixed for the trip, and it was on 19th February 2010. We decided to leave very early in the morning so as to return back soon. As planned, we got ready around 4 AM in the morning and were told to meet at one place so that it would be easy to pick many people at once. Jagadeesh and Deepak were in charge of the trip. Me, Shivu, Indira, Akshata, Jagadeesh, Shivraj and Deepak meet @ Sirur park circle where the vehicle was waiting for us. We all then hopped into the vehicle and started to pick up other friends from their homes. We then picked up Neha nad Samina from their homes and started towards pradeep home. We picked him up and started towards Guru’s home to pick him up and started our journey towards ulavi temple.   It was a foggy morning where we weren’t able to see other objects within 20meters. It was such a thrill seeing so much fog on the way.

A Foggy Morning
@ Early Morning on the way to Ulavi Temple

               We then reached Ulavi temple and took the darshan of Basavaanna and roam around the temple just to get feel of it.  In order to remember this moment, we clicked many snaps and had breakfast near ulavi temple.

In Front of Ulavi Temple

                    We left from ulavi temple and were on the way to Syntheri rocks, when we sWe stopped at one of the spot which had one watch tower from which we can see the never-ending dandeli forest. The view was awesome. Wherever our eyes saw, it was filled with green color. We then clicked few snaps there and continued our journey towards Syntheri rocks. 

View from Watch Tower
Gals pose @ watch tower
Boys @ watch tower

                After few hours of chit chatting, antakshari, pj’s etc. we reached Syntheri rocks. We need to park the the vehicle a bit far and need to walk few steps and then down the stairs. When we took the stairs, we saw the water flowing in smaller streams and bigger rocks holding in support with each other. It was at least 0.5 km steep down from the top where the vehicle was parked. We got down to base and saw the scene of water flowing with cool air moving around us.

               At first, we relaxed for sometime on the rocks beside the smaller streams of water. Then boys started playing with water and drenched all other friends.  Boys then changed into shorts and plunged into water and pulled many others into water (boys not gals :)).  Gals went to other place in order to have their privacy and we boys respected that. Boys started shouting (as always) and clapping on the water hardly. I still rem, the only person who wasn’t dragged or pulled into water was Shivkumar Umadi aka Shivu. We forced him but were in vain so gave him the punishment of clicking our pics :). Everyone was chiling around in water, diving, sleeping on big stones in water etc.

@ Syntheri rocks
Enjoying at the fullest with friends @ Syntheri rocks

                 Gals were enjoying their own way by being around the rocks and spilling water on each other faces. We were in water for hours and were totally exhausted. Now we all were hungry and wanted something to eat desperately.  We dressed and took  few snaps around the scene with boys.

Before leaving Syntheri Rocks

                As we started our journey back to hubli, everyone was completely tried and were sleepy. On the way back, we planned to have diner @ RED FORT located on the way hubli. It was around 7 PM when we reached Red Fort and everyone got up and refreshed themselves. We sat in the open garden and started ordering like hungry lion looking for fresh :). Everyone popped up when starters were served and enjoyed the dinner with jokes, moments spent in the journey etc.

Diner @ RED FORT

      It was around 9PM when we finished our diner and came out of the restaurant. We took one final pic of the trip outside the restaurant (below one) and left the place. Then by dropping everyone at their respective homes, it was late for us (Me, jagadeesh and Deepak). Finally, everyone were at their home and were happy about the trip. It was memorable trip, all in all. Hope for the next trip with all you people :).

1st Trip in Hubli

I had somehow landed in hubli (in Karnataka) to join BVB college for ma Post Graduation in Computers. I made few friends on the 1st day and jelled up with many people as days passed on. At the first, college seems to be boring because we had mere strength of 18. Then later on, we got used to it and started enjoying. I still remember we started moving together as a gang in college and even for lunch we used to go out collectively @ karnatak bhavan where he always served us brinjal curry :). One fine day, while discussing we planned going for a small trip around hubli. Then plan was decided to go to Gokarna, Murdeswara and om beach. To that, many people said yes (only boys) but at last moment few of the friends dropped out. We continued our trip planning and decided to leave on 30th jan 2010 around 4AM. Everyone was excited about it and was thrilled. We got up around 3 and Jagadeesh (one of ma friend) used to call everyone at 3 AM just to check whether we got or still sleeping :). We got ready and picked our friends (Me, Deepak, Guru, Jagadeesh, Shivraj and Pradeep).

We started our journey in the dawn and headed towards Gokarna. We were chatting and pulling out legs of every classmate specially about Guru, Jagadeesh and Deepak. We stopped at many places just to smoke or take pics of nature or for nature call. One of them is below pic:

On the road to Gokarna
(L-R) Pradeep, Jagadeesh, Me, Guru, Deepak and Shivraj (Below)

Then we reached gokarna and took the darshan of the linga and went to the beach which is just behind the temple. We spent some time there seeing the shore and watching how waves hit the shore and go back.

@ Behind Gokarna Temple

After spending time at beach, we started heading towards Idagunji to take darshan of lord ganesha. People say that many devotees come here and make their wish which come true in different ways. It was an wonderful experience visiting one such place.

@ Idagunji

After taking visiting the temple, we headed for Murudeshwar which is one of the popular places in nothern karnataka. There stands a world’s second tallest statue of LORD SHIVA roaring to the sky. when looked at the statue for the first time, you would say “Wow!! Thats Amazing”. Its was very pleasant feeling to be there and peaceful to heart as cool breeze touches you. The below pic was taken from a long distance from main entrance.

Statue of Lord Shiva @ Murudeshwara

There was a small museum underneath the statue which showed the history of the epic. There is also a chariot with sun behind it. There was so much anxiousness between us and wanted to explore more but were in short of time. The location was awesome as the temple was on the coast and we can stretching our self to see as far as possible. It was a great feeling to be there and seeing into the sea and birds flying by. Then we few snaps around the temple and enjoyed there for some time. Then we headed towards Om Beach to spend our rest of the day enjoying there.

The moment we saw Om Beach from the far upon the hill, i was amazed. The scenery of nature was at its best. It was the perfect shot for the photographers to shoot nature landscapes. One of the pic is below:

View of Om Beach upon the hill
Small island @ Om Beach

We started walking towards the beach and when had the full view, we were filled with so much relief and happiness to see place like dis for the first time (It was the 1st time i was seeing a beach in real). There than walked and roam around the beach to watch people and their actions (nakare in hindi). Then we changed into shorts and started moving towards the water. when the water hit us, there was a small shock in our body because the water was so cold and was touching our feets. Then when we had a dive into the beach, and unfortunately tasted the water which was very salty n eye burning (i still rem that feeling).  There were many people around in the water enjoying with their friends.

There was one special moment which everyone in the trip will remember for sure for their rest of the life. I never expected such kind of thing to happen and not from shivraj atleast. I would not disclose what did happend there but it was done all of a sudden. Me and Pradeep were the living audience for that. I was dumbstruck by seeing that incident. It wouldn’t say it was shivraj’s fault as he was provoked by a gang of youngsters which he fell prey to. Later he realized his mistake and started making japa’s (like saint does) in the car. All our friends saw that and burst into laughter seeing which he smiled and ignored it. Then, Guru and Jagadeesh started to roam around the beach to check out people and try their luck and they were lucky in a way (boys are boys always). Deepak wanted to chill out so went and brought a beer. We were relaxing and playing in water for long time and were tired eventually. As the sun was setting down, we thought it about time to leave. We started to leave the place and suddenly at a hill point, was amazed by the scenery (sun setting in below pic). We stopped at the corner of the hill top and took pics of sun going to sleep.

Sunset view from hill near om beach
At the hill point near Om Beach

Above pic was the last pic of the tour taken at the hill point near om beach. We enjoyed the trip to the fullest. At last, we reached hubli around 9PM and returned back to daily routine of our life. Personally, it was one of the BEST trips of my stay @ hubli.

Fresher’s Party

                    It was almost an month that i joined @ BVB college and our seniors had arranged for fresher’s party for us. There was no trend of giving fresher’s party in Post Graduation but our seniors started it and we followed the tradition. They had planned so many things for the fresher’s party and called us many times just to infor the date and not miss that. We were very much pleased by seeing the efforts put in by our seniors just for their juniors and to show that they exist in college. I was moved as they called everyone week prior and informed, reminded us whenever they met. It was planned on 19th September 2009 in the auditorium of the college.

                    As planned, all our friends decided to meet at once place outside and go at once. As we entered into the auditorium, we saw it was way to big for people of 60 or less. Our seniors then made us sit and formally introduced themselves so that we know their names and also about what is special about any person who was being introduced. Later we also introduced ourselfs and where we from.  Many lecturer’s from CS and IS department was called to attend the party and they turned us slowly. At first, CS HOD Mr. Biradar started the same old stuff about college and said us many things about CS department. When he was giving speech, i was reminded of Atal Bihari Vajpee as he used to talk at very slow pace :). After finishing all the formalities (like introductory speeches by HOD and other lecturers), we moved to lunch. But before that, we had one suprise. Our seniors brought cake and asked us to cut it. That was very sweet of them.

Fresher’s cake arranged by our seniors

                        We then had our snacks (samosa, jalebi, cake etc) with seniors and enjoyed. Once the snacks was finished, we are told by seniors to be seated in the same auditorium as there are few games to be played. We weren’t aware of any of this coming. After sometime, when everyone was in the auditorium seniors gave red rose to everyone and started the games. First game was inserting a thread into a very thin needle for which pradeep and samina were chosen. When it started, we were cheering for pradeep to finish it n prove tat boys can also do it. And yes, our prayers were listened and pradeep won it :).

Thread and needle game with Pradeep and Samina

                    Then came the other game where the person who keeps most no. of bindi’s on their face wins the game. And the contestants were Guru and Indira. And we had a clear winner and that was guru. In a way, guru is kind of good at this girly stuff :P. We proved once again that, boys can do  better what gals do daily.

Indira and Guru in Bindi competition

                 There was one interesting game which is taking a straw we need to place small thermacol balls into a plate. Vijay And Shridevi were nominated for this. Both were hesistant to play that game but eventually agreed to play. As usual again, boys won the fight.

Shridevi and Vijay in a competition

                   Now, the game to be played was blowing maximum no. of balloons in a time limit. Lucky lottery picked up the names of Neha and Jagadeesh. And guess who won the competition, yes your right again!! Jagadeesh won it with ease.

Balloon competition btw Neha and Jagadeesh

                          The Elephant tail game was the next to be played for which Deepak and Shivraj were chosen. Shivraj missed to draw the tail by small margin but we made sure that deepak didn’t lose the game.. It was such a nice feeling where many of them were directing deepak to move left, little right etc etc.

Deepak drawing Elephant’s tail
Shivraj drawing Elephant’s tail

                                  Now its my turn of playing the game and it was a bizarre moment for me. I feared of getting something awkward and it happened. I was chosen to perform a small act which says ” going to meet your gal friend”. I need to do all the things before i meet my gal friend and take her to ride. Like i need to put the keys to unlock the bike, remove the stand, kick it and start the bike, start going to my gal friend’s home (was humming burrr burr :)), picked her up and took her to ride.  It was one of the worst performance of my life and still i enjoyed it to the core.

Inserted the key for the bike (in the play)
Riding with my GF (in the play)

                 Then their was the drunken act from chandan which was very hilarious and was in pure uttar karnataka istyle. Then came the awards ceremony, Miss Fresher was given to Indira Bidari , Mr. Fresher was given to Guruprasad Konnurmath and last but not least Mr. lucky was none other than Mr. Shivkumar Umadi. Then atlast we had once group photo of juniors alone and other was with seniors.

M.Tech Batch juniors -2009 (My batch)
With our seniors

The day ended with loads of enjoyment and loads of appreciation for our seniors who had so much for us. It really was something special which they had done to us. We will rem it for sure 🙂 :).