School’s best friends

          Every person has his own childhood memories and moments which stays in their mind forever. These are very special and when remembered will always bring an instantaneous smile on anybody’s face. Similar is my case too. There are so many incidents, moments which i rem from my school days that bring smile on my face. I still have pictures of those moments in my mind and smile when i m alone thinking of them.

             I had many friends in my school days and still continue to have them. As every person has his/her own best friends, i too had few best friends who are still in contact to me. Few of them are KARTHIK, RAGHUVEER, SHRAVAN, DEEPAK, VIJAY, RAHUL, DHANRAJ etc. There was a gals gang which was headed by FARHEEN BEGUM who was very adamant (most of the times) and soft (very few times) in nature and SHALINI AGARWAL was one of the gal in that group. she was the only gal who was closest to me in my school days. She is and still is my closest friend from schooling (in gals). Shalini and me has this connect from the  first and even our fathers know each other as they were from same business background. I have caught up with their family and they were very sweet from the first moment. We were in touch for few years then lost touch.

          After few months, i heard from one of my friends that she is getting married and she didn’t even invite one of her best friend.  I was very angry on her but later one of my friend made me realize me that best friends should not have ego’s between them. Then one fine day, Khushbu (sister of shalini) showed me the pic of shalini’s daughter and i was so happy for her. Then after few days, we got in touch again. Its always a good feeling seeing how they were in school (idiotic, shying, innocence) and how they are now (matured, responsible etc).

   I will pen down all the moments which i remember one by one which will definitely bring smiles on many people especially my school friends.

       This post is dedicated to all my best buddies of school days!!


My School’s Last pic

                  This is one of the rarest pic of my school days  in the year 2003 and every time i see this, i get a smile on my face seeing all ma friends. Those days were the best of my life. The innocence we had, the energy we had (we still have but that was something different). Look at the faces of them then and now, its a drastic change.

Ma School mates

            Everyone is into different fields spread around the world. I sometimes feels, life teaches you many things and one of them is to remember your moments of past which effect you. I m still in touch with many of them and hope to be in future. I have very fond memories of all of them with me. Will introduce to you all of dem in the future blogs.

Love u guys!! 🙂