It’s been more than a month now that I got married and we haven’t spent some quality time together. Adding upon that was, setting up the home with furniture, shopping for household items etc etc. It was one busy month where the plans for next week was made a week or so prior.  Hence, the chance of escaping from the Bengaluru city was not in the cards for us, and decided we would think of it after a month when things settle down a bit.

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-7-39-55-pmIt was post lunch, when we friends made up the plan for Talakadu for a day for the coming weekend (which was 18 December, 2016). Most of them were ready but one of my friend had to attend the ongoing training on weekends and had to opt out, due to which others also were dilemma. I took the same plan to my wife and she was up for it as this was a one day trip. But then there was going to her aunt and uncle home to purchase some household stuff pitched in. After confirming with them, we decided to leave on Saturday and pay them visit on Sunday. We googled the route and found the best way was through Malavalli (which happens to be, native place where one of my close friend).

We left Bengaluru at 8.00 AM and reached my friend’s home around 11.00 AM. Had good time there having spent a good half an hour with their family and loads of snacks. We enquired once again on what to see nearby and hit the road. Gagganchukki View point was half an hour from Malavalli and by the time we reached, it was 12.30 PM. It was disappointing to see very scare water and rocks. Within half an hour, we left from the place to Talakadu, deciding not to go to Bharchukki or Shivanasamudra Falls as there was no water. One of the most refreshing moment of the day was when we came across the narrow road which had lake on one side and fields on other side.

At Talakadu

We reached Talakdu at 1.30 PM and sun was blazing hot upon us. Upon reaching, we followed a group of school childrens who had taken guide in order to explain the importance of the sculptures, symbols, temples etc. We youngsters forget to know the history of places and visit places just to cover and for the thrill of it. I was of that kind earlier but maturity has brought in some good factors which encourages me to learn more about the place I’m planning to visit. It was sound knowledge we had gathered from the guide and the imagination and hard work of those people hundreds of years back has to be praised of. There are in total 5 temples (Pathaleshwara, Maraleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara and Mallikarjuna) in and around Talakadu to visit, the five Lingams believed to represent the five faces of Shiva, form the Pancha pathi and have become famous tourist place in the recent times.

By the time we finished paying visit to the temples around Talakadu, it was lunch time and we were hungry to the core. wp-1483538267175.jpgThere was a udipi style hotel in front of the temple. It was long time since our taste buds has tasted udipi style food. We sat down on the bench outside and had mouth-watering food (rice and sambar was just tempting). We finished our food and headed towards banks of Cauvery river to take a coracle ride and spent some time relaxing. It was soothing experience having taken the ride where water was very clear, can see fishes getting caught by fishermen, ducks making noises underneath algae. The ride costed us Rs. 120 per two persons in a separate boat. Once reaching the shore, we spent sometime in the water and then moved towards the tea stall. We sipped our tea and relaxed a while before kicking off to next temple. As we were at the crossing of the last temple, we were stopped as the road was getting constructed due to which we had leave it out. It took us around 3-3 1/2 hours to travel back to Bengaluru due to the traffic. It was 8.00 PM by the time we reached our home and ended our trip with neutral feelings.


Day 3: Trip to Srisailam

It was at 3.00 AM in the morning when my sleep broke and I woke Mahesh to have bath (so that I can sleep for some more time). We all got ready and stood in line for darshan at quarter past 4.00 AM. We decided earlier we wouldn’t go in general line as it would take much more time and we couldn’t make it up for Istakameshwari temple. We were among the first few people standing in the queue of Rs. 500 per person. Rain god was behind us wherever we went. It started raining when we stood in line. As the line started moving slowly, the raining was getting heavier. We were partly drenched until we reached the main temple. We finished the darshanam and visited all the temples which were in the vicinity. It was still pouring when we came out to take prasad. We hurried back to the room to get our belonging to confirm the seats for the jeep ride to Istakameshwari temple. It was 15 minutes to 8.00 AM when we reached the place where jeeps were parked. After Enquiring, we were told which jeep goes first to the temple and we informed the driver that we would finish our breakfast and come before 8.30 AM.

It was exactly at 8.300 AM when the driver started for the temple. The experience about the ride to Istakameshwari Temple is written in another blog, link here.  We returned back to hotel around 12.30 PM and quickly wrapped our clothes and belonging. We settled our bills at the hotel and were on our way back. Just before you reach or before you leave Srisailam, you have to make an important stop – Sakshi Ganapathi Temple. Lord Ganesha, here, is believed to be the record keeper at Srisailam. People give their Gothra and name and Sakshi Ganapathi records them, the belief is that your visit to Srisailam will go unrecorded, if you don’t stop and visit this temple first. The temple is a small shrine on the highway.  After a quick visit to the temple, we were back on the track. Harsh took the wheels as Mahesh was bit tired. As we were going through the dense forest of Nalla Malla forest, I asked Harsh to stop at one point where in we can take some pictures. We parked our vehicle aside and clicked few pictures and moved on from there.

We reached Kurnool in no time and that’s when we hit the NH-7. As Harsh was on the wheels, we wanted to experience the thrill of speed. We were constantly hitting 150+ which brought the heart in Mahesh’s mouth. There were couple of cars which were in race with us which frightened Mahesh even more as we were increasing the speed. After lots of persuasion by Mahesh, Harsh  gave up the race. We stopped at a Punjabi Dhaba to stop our carving for food. It was such a mouth-watering food which we haven’t had from a long time.

Mahesh took control of the wheels from there on and Harsh accompanied to sit beside him. After such a meal, what was required was a good sleep which me and Harsh couldn’t resist. I didn’t remember when I was asleep but when I got up, I saw Mahesh driving the car very carefully and it was raining heavily. Harsh was also in deep sleep and after looking around, got to know that we were nearing Hebbal. We reached Marathahalli around 9.00 PM and got down at Harsh’ home where my bike was parked. We bid bye to Mahesh and walked. I took my bike and reached home at 9.30 PM. It was such a fun filled, amazing, adventurous and cool 3-day trip.