Chikmagalur – Day 2

Next day, we got up early and were ready in no time by finishing our breakfast provided by the hotel and started towards¬†HIREKOLALE¬†LAKE. We weren’t aware of this earlier but got to know from the hotel receptionist. It’s a half an hour drive from Chikmagalur and you will not know that the place exists (as we hardly saw any signboards of it) until the corner of it. It was drizzling when we reached there but we decided to move forward. As we reached halfway, the drizzle got heavier and we traced back to our car for shelter as there was nothing else we can hide from the rain. We were having talks whether to stay until the drizzle stops or move ahead for next destination but then suddenly drizzle got weaker and eventually it stopped. We stepped out and walked out to see the spectacular view of the lake. The weather was perfect which added to the scenic beauty. We were just in the awe of the place. We went around for a while and took pictures of this beautiful place.

As planned, the next destination was KEMMANAGUNDI, which had many places nearby. As we started towards our next place, we were stuck in traffic jam and amidst of all that, one of the car drivers hit us from back, damaging the car. I was furious, got down to inquire. The person explained the situation they were in (they were traveling to the cemetery for a funeral) and told us to follow them so that we can settle there. That was the mistake which we did because once we reached the cemetery, the guy flipped and told us to wait until they come back (which we had no idea when they will be back nor did they) or go and file a complaint with police. That left me agitated & fumed, wanted to damage his car on revenge but decided against it, as it would make me one like him. We left with a heavy heart to our next place. We stopped in between for a coffee sip at Coffee & Pepper (which has a cafe and also resort). The place looks very classy and for a change, I had ordered Cold Coffee and liked the taste so much that I placed one more. Rest of them chose hot coffee which made them refresh & active for the journey ahead.

KALLATHIGIRI FALLS, where water cascade’s down the hill and a small waterfall is formed in front of the temple. One can find an old Veerabhadra temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was too crowded when we reached there as families were bathing and doing rituals of their own. We visited the temple and headed towards Kemmanagundi wasting no time. As planned yesterday, we planned to go for a trek at Z-Point. We enquired and there was a group of local Jeep drivers who would take us halfway at a cost of Rs.300/- per person. We quickly finalized and hopped on the jeep, must say, it was completely off-road. After roughly 20 mins, the driver stopped and told us to follow the trail. As we started, we encountered SHANTI FALLS, passing which we would see the point where we were trekking to. As we kept trekking, it became steeper & steeper with the wind becoming heavier and heavier. I could hardly see any colors other than green (the grass), blue (the sky) and brown (the soil). It took us more than an hour to reach midway and everyone were numb as the breeze made more noise and the cold made the hands & legs freeze. We could hardly see each other as the fog was passing through us.

In between all the chaos, all of sudden was a streak of sunshine which brought up smiles on many people who were on the hill and faded slowly. We sat there admiring the nature and enjoying the view and feeling the air which was so fresh and enthusiastic. We were so lost that none of them had a check at the time. After some time, the weather changed drastically and we could see the bad weather approaching us, that’s when we decided to trek down. We reached back to our car in just more than an hour. Everyone was hungry to the core, we went to Krishnarajendra Hill station which has a hotel in it. We had our food and moved out as we had to head back to Bengaluru. Everyone was satisfied and also tired of the activity done in the day. This is my 4th trip to Chikmagalur but every time it was different. Always enjoyed coming to this place and always will. Looking forward to many more trips in and around the city.